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Elo's Super Soul Raven Elo's Super Soul Raven

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This is a LOFI Dark urban dirt Jazz Vibe I played I also used alot of efx in reason bounced it out turned it to a rex file by Elo The Source

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Version    Downloads  44 
Size  5.12 MB  Created  2017-05-20 
Language    Changed  2017-05-20 
Price    Created by  Elothesource 
License    Changed by  Reggie Swan 
Author  Elo The Source external  MD5 Checksum  cf7e921a88575c1c7e91e1d1b9ad439c 
Website  Website external  SHA1 Checksum  0911f017a952ddb0d410b10eaae7fe5576f6c7f7 
Filename: Elos Super Soul Raven.rx2
Size: 5.12 MB
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