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WaveMod: TableOsc/Ammo1200BR Synth WaveMod: TableOsc/Ammo1200BR Synth hotpic

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WaveMod: TableOscillator/Ammo Synth Combinator

(Also available at https://s3.amazonaws.com/ReasonCmb/WaveMod.cmb)

This is a bare-bones combinator containing two Rack Extensions:

- TableOscillator (1)
- Ammo 1200BR (8)

The Ammo LFOs are used to modulate the 32 Table Value sliders, based on the Ammo LFO wave selected.

The Ammo LFOs are wired, and phase settings have been adjusted, such that the wave shown in the 1st group of 16 sliders is a mirror image of the 2nd group.

Core Combinator controls:

Rotary 1: Wave Mod - controls the speed of the modulation
Rotary 4: Wave Select - this is used to select an Ammo LFO wave

Click the Combinator 'Show Devices' button to view the TableOscillator waveform.

Watch the TableOscillator animation change as you (very slowly) step through Ammo LFO waveforms using Rotary 4 (Wave Select). This gives you visual information about the selected waveform.

Change the speed of the animation using Rotary 1 (Wave Mod).

Additional Combinator controls:

Rotary 2: Wave Vol (TableOscillator Main Volume control)
Rotary 3: Release (TableOscillator Envelope Release Value control)
Button 1: Activate (this just turns on or off the bank of 8 Ammo LFOs. Convenient if you dive into and tweak the individual Ammo LFO RE parameters, and want to get all the Ammo REs back in sync.)

The WaveMod Combinator is meant to be a starting point for a synth patch. Set the other TableOscillator controls and envelope, add in and adjust an envelope controlled filter, and apply additional modulations & effects to taste.

Have fun!

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