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Sidechain Glitch In The Matrix Sidechain Glitch In The Matrix

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This sidechaining effect can be used for creating pumping yet rhytmical variations in time. It features 3 mclass-compressors, one pump sidechain, a kong, the matrix sequencer, acid diode filter, a spider audio, a digital delay line and three mixers. The routing is simple, it's a feedback loop that splits at 2 places. Make your mix shine with a little bounce, or make the whole track echo forever!
Version    Downloads  31 
Size  67.76 KB  Created  2019-02-25 
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Price    Created by  Mrswalbard 
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Author    MD5 Checksum  5fa2025bc807cf4595085886138c2b56 
Website    SHA1 Checksum  9897c08b81e7080f212d1303d1a0ce6099e95f21 
Filename: Sidechain Glitch In the Matrix.cmb
Size: 67.76 KB
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