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TimeWarper TimeWarper

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Hey guys, gals and non-binaries of the future. This is a subtle effect with plenty of tweaking, modulating and automating possibilities. It's main feature is CV controlled dry/wet parameters on various devices, Matrix controlled filters, CV controlled pan and CV controlled ducking on the echo. Except for that there's the Synchronous that modulates it's dist, filter, delay and reverb!
I had a great time making this effect and it is featured on my track Rhythm. Find me :)
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Size  129.25 KB  Created  2019-02-24 
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Price    Created by  Mrswalbard 
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Author    MD5 Checksum  ed9b83e920564cad9716d12101a9ad84 
Website    SHA1 Checksum  4631e5daaafe324fc9aa88bae6fd63f339151a41 
Filename: TimeWarper 4.0.cmb
Size: 129.25 KB
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